Surprise Engagement at Harry P. Leu Gardens

February 4, 2021


I am so excited to finally share pictures from this surprise engagement. Enjoy all of my “air quotes” as I fill you in on how it all went down.

Ruben and Shayleen are friends of mine who have been together for 6 years. After going with my husband, Nilo, to purchase the ring, Ruben asked me for assistance on how to actually propose. After bouncing ideas back and forth, we decided on Leu Gardens. I went to the gardens the day before the proposal to scope out the perfect location for him to ask her because, believe it or not, this Orlando photographer had never been there.

The big day came and we all went on a brunch double date to “catch up.” I then brought up going to Leu Gardens afterward so we could walk off the brunch. I ended up bringing my camera because she wanted some pictures for her business Instagram page (so perfect right?) and I came up with the excuse that I had a client who wanted pictures at Leu Gardens that I needed to scope out locations for.

When I found the perfect location for my “upcoming client,” I made them pose together so I could “remember the location.” Then I told her I wanted to try a pose out where she is in front of Ruben while he is blurred in the background. I then walk over to the other side and asked her to turn around. That is when he bent on one knee and popped the most official question you an ask any girl. It was seriously the cutest moment!

Enjoy the pictures below!