Mayra Personal Brand Session in Kissimmee

Personal Brand

One thing you should know about me is that I love when people succeed. I truly enjoy seeing people happy and finding their passion. When my friend Mayra reached out wanting personal brand images for her new endeavor I was thrilled. Mayra is a mortgage loan originator for Columbus Capital Lending.

When I asked her what she loved most about her job she said, “it puts me in a position to help all sorts of families obtain their goals of achieving their dreams. To some it may seem like just a house, but for those families it is a place where memories are made.”

For her personal brand session we talked about having timeless images with a clean look that made her pop. We also discussed taking images with social media content in mind. You’ll notice that we captured her writing her goals down for the new year, an image of the webpage where potential homeowners can apply for a mortgage, and pictures with her daughter which she mentions is her “Why.”

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