Reasons to Consider Private Vows from an Orlando Wedding Photographer

April 9, 2023


There are plenty of decisions to be made for your wedding day, and as an Orlando wedding photographer I want to share a few with you! Picking flowers, choosing linens, deciding how you want your hair done, seating chart arrangements, the list goes on! It’s easy for one very important task to be overlooked and it may just be one of the most important of all, your vows.

One option is to say your vows privately to each other before the wedding starts, as opposed to reading them in front of everyone during the ceremony itself. There are many reasons why couples choose to do this. Some want privacy; others just want a few quiet moments with their future spouse before enjoying their day with their loved ones. Trying to decide if private wedding vows are right for you?  You’re not alone. In this blog post, I will list a few reasons you may want to read private vows.

You Want your Wedding Vows to Be Private

When you are getting married in front of your loved ones, you’re wearing your heart on your sleeve, while also being very vulnerable. That being said, your vows may be something you wish to share only with your partner. The reason private vows are so beautiful is because when it is just the two of you together with no one else around, there’s nothing stopping you from being completely open to sharing your love for each other. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Share a sweet or fun personal memory or story.
  • Detail all of the qualities you love about them.
  • Choose a few specific promises that you want to make to your partner.
  • Acknowledge how excited you are to spend the rest of your lives together.
  • Don’t forget to say I love you!

Eliminates Having to Read In Front of an Audience

If you are not a big fan of the spotlight, reading your vows in an intimate setting may be perfect for you! Not everyone enjoys having all eyes on them, and that is completely understandable! Doing so allows you to focus more on each other and less on any distractions.

Shorter Ceremony = Longer Party!

If you are a couple who likes to get the party started right away, you might want to consider reading your vows privately beforehand, Doing this, you keep your ceremony short and sweet! While a short ceremony is not for everyone, keeping your ceremony brief can lead to extra time later on. It’s all about deciding what is most important to you!

A Quiet Moment to Reflect on Your Love | Orlando Wedding Photographer

When you’re getting ready for your wedding day, there’s so much going on! Could be family members are arriving, bridesmaids are getting their hair done, and it all happens so fast! Trust me when I say your wedding day will fly by. Reading your vows before the ceremony is an opportunity to take a few quiet moments to slow down and reflect. You are able to think on the promises the two of you are making and what they mean to both of you. After this, you can share the rest of the day with your closest family and friends.

First Look vs. First Touch for Wedding Vows

Most couples believe that in order to read their vows privately, they have to have a first look. If you are wanting to save this moment for your walk down the aisle, that’s totally reasonable! Consider doing a first touch with private vows instead of a first look, like my sweet couple: Amy and Devon. It made for a beautiful, intimate moment at their Highland Manor wedding without taking away from the first look at the ceremony. Not to mention, private vow readings make for  beautiful wedding photographs! 

Whatever you and your fiance decide to do, make sure it’s something that feels right for you! It is YOUR day after all. Just know I’ll be there with you to capture that magic moment—whether it happens in front of everyone or not.

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