4 Reasons To Have An Engagement Session With Your Florida Wedding Photographer

April 9, 2023


An engagement session is a pre-wedding photo shoot with your Orlando wedding photographer. It’s an opportunity for the couple to get to know their wedding photographer, feel more comfortable in front of the camera and create beautiful cherished images for their Florida wedding. Here are some reasons why you should have an engagement session:

Get to Know Your Orlando Wedding Photographer

An engagement session is a great way to get to know your photographer before the wedding day. It allows you to develop a relationship with your wedding photographer and understand their working style. This will help you feel more comfortable on your wedding day, knowing that you have already built a rapport with your wedding photographer in Florida.

Practice Makes Perfect

Generally, people aren’t professionally photographed often and feel awkward posing in front of a camera. An engagement session provides an opportunity for you to practice and get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day. Additionally, you’ll learn how to pose, where to look, and how to feel confident in front of the camera. This will make you feel more relaxed and natural for your Florida wedding.

Create Beautiful Memories | Wedding Photographer Florida

An engagement session is a wonderful way to capture beautiful memories of your relationship. You’ll have the chance to choose a location that is meaningful to you. Whether it’s where you had your first date or where you enjoy spending time together. These photos will serve as a beautiful reminder of your love and commitment to each other.

A young man takes his fiance on a piggyback ride during their engagement session in leu gardens. Taken my their Florida wedding photographer.

See Gabi and Jax’s engagement session in Winter Park, Florida here!

Have Fun With Your Central Florida Wedding Photographer

Engagement sessions are fun! You can incorporate props, wear fun outfits, and just enjoy the experience of being together. This is a chance to be playful and creative and celebrate your love uniquely and uniquely.

An engagement session is an opportunity to create beautiful memories, get to know your wedding photographer, and practice being in front of the camera. It is an investment that will pay off in the long run because you’ll have beautiful photos to cherish for a lifetime. So, if you’re on the fence about whether or not to have an engagement session, I encourage you to go for it! You won’t regret it.

All of my full-day wedding collections include an engagement session. Get in contact with me to schedule a consultation here!